imm Cologne 2006

The topic chosen this year by the design company alemi Design for the imm cologne (international furniture fair in Cologne) has been the shape of the bearing elements (legs and feet) of furniture.

After having made and analysed numerous drafts, alemi Design decided finally to use a shape which is usable for many types of furniture like tables, chairs, beds, sideboards, chests as well as office furniture.

Beside the particularity that the new leg shape finds application for many types of furniture, it shows classical lines providing it a timeless touch and provides also a light impression of optical illusion.

At the imm cologne, alemi design showed the use of the new shape (registered and protected by alemi design) on the following furniture as chair, bench, armchair, bar-chair, sideboard, chest, coffee table, dining table and desktop.

The materials used for the realisation of the above named furniture were different wood types for the bearing components as well as wooden panels, different types of stone for the table tops, leather, textiles and aluminium for the seats.
The mix of material demonstrated the compatibility of the furniture design using the new leg shape with the different material in a clear way.

Since the feed-back coming from end users, representatives of furniture shops, designers, furniture producers, as well as from architects at the fair was overwhelming, alemi design decided to commercialise a full range of furniture using the new leg shape.

First discussions are already taking place with several well established producers as well as dealers of furniture, as those have declared their intention to work hand in hand with alemi design for launching the new product line.
We are therefore very glad that also connoisseurs and enthusiasts of exquisite furniture will soon be in the situation to enjoy the new products in their homes and offices.

Furniture Fair imm cologne 2006 

Furniture Fair imm cologne 2006 

Furniture Fair imm cologne 2006