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The main scope of Alemi Design® is the implementation of new geometrical shapes on products of diverse nature. The philosophy of Alemi Design® can be resumed in the following few words.
The Alemi Design® products are designed in such a way, that their owners or onlooker appreciate to look at the furniture every time again. It is obvious, that the quality of the used materials as well as the quality of the manufacturing satisfies the highest expectations.

Alemi Design® concentrates most of its works in the field of furnitures.
By drafting the “Gemelli” collection, Alemi Design® had set (to itself) the challenge to develop a new type of leg for furniture.
Among the drawing drafted for this project, one shape did meet particularly well the expectations of Alemi Design®, since this shape is applicable for many types of furniture as tables, desktops, chairs, beds as well as sideboards and chests.
An interesting characteristic of this new shape, beside its ability to be used for many different types of furniture, is the way it plays with the geometry, conferring to the shape a touch of optical illusion. Furthermore, the new shape is as well classical and modern, making it looking timeless.

The material used are different types of wood for the bearing components and plates, stone for the plates of the tables and sides of the office box as well as stuff, leather and aluminium for the seat surfaces. The mix of material proves the compatibility of the design with the use of different materials.

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